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World Keeps Turning/ ShexyJoshua Collins/ Eepen&Elusive – Red Flag Collective (UK)
Two exceptional tech house movers from Chicago native, Joshua Collins and Norwegian duo, Espen&Elusive. “World Keeps Turning” is up first and features more of that signature, quality production that has made Joshua Collins one of the most highly respected producers on the scene. Deep, lush synths and groovy beats meld together with amazing keys and lovely vocal samples on this slice of late night rapture. The flip brings us “Shexy”, an absolutely amazing, late night smash. Sumptuous rhythms, sexy vocals and absolutely incredible instrumentation make this perfect addition to a subtle, atmospheric set. Quality from top to bottom. *****(5 of 5)

The Works Of ObsessionHardcell – Inside (SE)
Two-track corker on Joel Mull’s ever admirable, Inside imprint. Enlisting the talents of fellow countrymen, Hardcell, this is rocking, minimal techno at its best. “Smulk” takes up residence on the A Side and is a straight-ahead, floor-rocking mover. Simple, rough percussion, flying high hats and a building bassline from hell come together to work you and your dancefloor into a frenzy. “Rah” is the B Side entry and is another hard, funky mover, albeit a bit more upfront than the A Side. From the needle drop, the percussion is rugged and straightforward and the metallic, acid stabs are bouncing here, there and everywhere. Add electro flavored keys and a dark, menacing bassline and this could easily be the sound track to you next nightmare. ****(4 of 5)

Speleon EPCave – Spilo Records (SE)
New imprint from our man Cave, one of the hottest producers on the techno scene. This three track EP features the Original Mix, as well as remixes from Ben Sims and Pratrap. Side A is consumed with the “Original”, with driving rhythms, fierce bass and that signature, Good Men meet the techno gods feel that Cave has perfected. There is a long, tension filled breakdown simulates a turntable stop and will have your dancefloor begging you to bring that beat back. The flip brings us a “Ben Sims Remix”, with a groovy, tripped out, repetitive feel and an absolutely blazing reworking from newcomer, Pratrap. Rocking stuff. ***(3 of 5)

Body Destruction EPDMX Krew – Sonic Groove (US)
Diverse release from Sonic Groove NYC, featuring the eclectic talents of the DMX Krew. Best known for their work on Apex Twin’s Rephlex label and DJ Hell’s Gigolo imprint, this is a wildly diverse release combining electro, breaks, techno and other disparate elements to form a cohesive final product. Creative DJs only need apply. ***(3 of 5)

No More Love SongsLee Chameleon – Surveillance (US)
Three tracks from the ever interesting, Lee Chameleon. “No More Love Songs” is up first, with a bouncy, 80s electro flavored mover with hot percussion, acid synth line and gripping, soulful vocals. “Chemical Eyes” is next, with a dark, brooding instrumentation, murky vocals and a quirky, “Personal Jesus-esque” drum track. The flip brings us the Matt French remix of “No More Love Songs”, with gritty, grinding beats, acid synth line and a slow growing, body rocking rhythm track. Absolutely fierce track that would work perfectly in a rocking tech house set. ****(4 of 5)

Giovanni and GinzuGiovanni and Ginzu – Red/ Yellow (US)
Two hot, tech house movers from Giovanni and Japanese synth master, Ginzu. Electro flavored keys, smooth house rhythms and crisp, clean production permeate both tracks. Nothing overly compelling, but as a solid addition to a mid tempo house set, these tracks will do nicely. **(2 of 5)

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