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Analog Pussy - Future

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This collection of remixes is from Analog Pussy's forthcoming album "Trance and Roll." Track 1 (Sonkite) has a prog trance feel with a rolling bassline, synth arpeggios and melodic stabs. As the low end and rhythm maintain, focus stays on the evolution of the synths. The breakdown features an acoustic, picked guitar and a vocal episode sounding similar to Billy Corgan, culminating in the phrase "We are the world, we are the future." And the track kicks back in, chugging along with authority. The track becomes more aggressive, adding vox synth hits, distorted guitars, a more frenetic rhythm and "We are the world" vocals dropped in more often.

Track 3 (Sharigrama) has a very prolonged intro and then turns into a prog trance track sounding very similar to the others. Minor details are changed- a synth stab placement here, a bassline rhythm there.

Track 4 (EDL) changes up the bassline and, with its guitar picking combined with the bass sound, begins to sound a little like early Cure. That's just the intro, however, and once the meat of the track kicks in the feel is hard, tight, serious, and German. Track 5 (Element) lightens up the feel with a melodic arpeggio, causing the mix to sound slightly more uplifting. Vocals are featured more heavily on this mix as well. Track 6 (Indika) once again sees minor changes in the track, although details can add up to create surprisingly different moods. Some female vocals are abstractly dropped in and the bassline has a bubbling feel, a nice bounce in other words.

Track 7 (The Melovskys) has a grungy breakbeat intro using plenty of white noise… giving away to another prog trance style, where the bassline sees a slight reorientation. It's the synth work here that stands out with its ripping quality, so far the most aggressive sounding remix. Track 8 (Feurhake) is yet another rendition strikingly similar to what's come before, and honestly by this time everything is becoming a blur for me. Track 9 (Analog Pussy, Baby Remix) finally gives way to a noticeable stylistic change- now instead of prog trance there is prog house. Definitely the most head bobbin' of the remixes. A bouncing bassline anchors the track as minimal synth stabs spice things up and vocals are brought in the most clearly and undistorted of any of the mixes. This remix CD is a little dull simply due to the stylistic similarity of the remixes. Someone got the microscope out for this remix project, and lack of substantial variety creates tedium. You could blindly pick any one of these nine remixes and have a decent mix on your hands… yet you could hear another mix and not hear the difference.

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