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Andy Hunter - 'Colour' (Take 2)

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Andy Hunter - 'Colour' (Take 2)

Andy Hunter - 'Colour'


After wild success since his last release in video games, on tour, and with film and TV placement, electronic artist Andy Hunter unleashes Colour. Beautifully packaged, the album succeeds in satisfying fans old and new with full credits and lyrics—which are frequently absent from UK artists' releases. Impressively, Andy wrote or co-wrote all 12 songs and lends vocals to several.

Almost a theme-album, Colour opens with the uber-cool "Sound Pollution." (purchase/download) While the lengthy intro somewhat detracts from the progression, the song finally spreads its wings. Relatively instrumental, save for some vocal color, its Utah Saints-trippy sound makes for a hearty groove. The hip "System Error," (purchase/download) featuring a sample of Hunter's son, has environmentalism in mind and also ebbs with a progressive trippy vibe.

Dance track "Smile" (purchase/download) with its male vocals, real strings, and catchy melody is another winner and would do well with a remix makeover. Another clubby cut, "Technicolour" soars with the soulful male vocals of D'Morgan, hot vocal stacks in the choruses, and a tasty bridge—clearly my favorite of the bunch.

The beautiful and well-placed electro-ballad "Fade" (purchase/download) immediately grabs your attention. Hunter's signature "ah" strings and plenty of digital ear candy synergize a lush foundation for a strong melody carried off by female vocals.

The rest of the record skews upbeat with a few other mood-piece type mellow tunes. Andy has never been one for succinctness when it comes to track length. Several songs here would hold up stronger if edited. Long electronic tracks—especially instrumentals—tend to quickly come off repetitive when the arrangement doesn't move along or lyrics are repeated ad naseum.

Although more vocally-driven, this is more an electronica/artistic album than a dance record, as essentially his other two albums are. A small step forward artistically, it's encouraging to see some maturation from this extremely talented artist who is quickly becoming a household name.

Released March 18, 2008 on Nettwerk Records.

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