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Ashley Tisdale - He Said, She Said

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Ashley Tisdale - He Said, She Said

Ashley Tisdale - He Said, She Said

Warner Brothers / WEA

Sometimes a song comes out that is upbeat and fun from the gate and really needs nothing added on to make it better. This is the case with Ashley Tisdale's "He Said She Said." As the song begins to make inroads at radio, remixes have been commissioned by a slew of top mixers like Friscia & Lamboy and Morgan Page amongst others. Unfortunately, few of them are able to maintain that poppy excitement of the original version.

Morgan Page is first on the list to tackle this track. His mix runs the teen sensation's vocals through the robotic machine and splices and dices them throughout the song. It's more like a dub than a true mix, but it actually ends up being okay. It's not very heavy on the bass and adds lots of percussion loops and drums. It would have been nice to hear a full vocal on this one.

Next up is the duo of Friscia & Lamboy. Known for heavy tribal beats and a thunderous club sound, I was wondering how they would work this Disney starlet into a peak hour diva. It seems they decided to forgo their usual style and for a more electro-tinged mix. The synthesizers do not fit well with Ashley's light and fluffy vocal delivery. The beats are too underground for this track. The music would work great with any other song, but not this one. The Von Doom Club Remix starts off sounding like it's a rehash of the previous mix, but it turns out to not be quite so rough. This mix actually uses some elements from the original version, which helps it retain a bit of the pop feel. Funky Junction & Antony Reale contribute their Club Mix. They speed up the vocal just a bit and keep the organ riff that is a key part of the original mix. By doing these couple of things, their remix also keeps some of the fun of the original mix. In fact, their version feels almost like an extended mix of the album track. Gomi's Main Vox Mix again tries to drag Ashley into the underground club scene, but this time the results are actually good. Somehow Gomi manages to find a good balance between the flirty vocals and his dirty beats. A basic bassline and drums and a few special effects and this mix turns into my favorite one! Lastly, The Redtop Club Mix is just way too heavy and sounds like a copycat of the Friscia & Lamboy mix. Too many electro effects just take away from the vocals and are too distracting to be enjoyable.

Ashley Tisdale's first foray into the club spotlight turns out to be just okay. Despite a long list of mixers, only the Gomi remix really stands out for me. This is a case where it just goes to show you that sometimes songs don't need to me remixed. Hopefully if her label decided to go this route again, they will put some real thought into who they choose to do the mixing and that those folks will do this diva some justice!

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