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Ben Sowton & Martin Brodin - Bargrooves Black Volume 2

About.com Rating 2.5 Star Rating

By Scott Mahia

Bargrooves Black is a compilation consisting of 28 mixed tracks with a variety of house styles from deep, electro, tech, and spoken word. This compilation also has many hot artists/producers/remixers like Copyright, Kerri Chandler, Marshall Jefferson, G-Club, and Terry Lee Brown, Jr.

The name Bargrooves is definitely appropriate for this compilation because it's comprised almost exclusively of all tracks with very little vocals. In my experience being at a bar, I loved hearing great songs with vocals. When I hear songs with vocals it brings more energy and fun. Don't get me wrong, I'm not all about vocals, I do love tracks too, but in my experiences I have better memories when the music is more memorable. The place could be a dive, but if the music is hot, you'll most likely have a good time.

This compilation has a lot of great-sounding tracks. Many of them had interesting sounds and great intros. Some had a bit of tribal flavor and some had great basslines, and many had interesting synths. Most of them start out strong but then seem to fall off and just repeat. After a few minutes of each, I got bored and moved to the next track. Maybe I just had higher expectations, but again, when I go out I'm there for the music and the energy you get from it. So for me, this compilation didn't bring enough to my taste especially with the line-up of artists/producers/remixers it has (Note: the mixing is flawless and the sound quality is also top notch).

I would like to have heard some more full vocal tracks on this compilation, especially because some of the tracks here do have vocal versions that weren't used. I thought it would have been a nicer blend having both. Unfortunately, if you're looking for something other than tracks or background bar music, you won't find it here. This compilation isn't geared toward that, as it's definitely a CD you would hear in a bar without dancing or anything of that nature.

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