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Calvin Harris - I Created Disco

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Calvin Harris - I Created Disco

Calvin Harris - I Created Disco

Almost Gold Recordings

Who is Calvin Harris? Where is he from? And what is he doing creating, or in this case re-creating, disco? Unless you're a Myspacer, blogger, indie rocker, or an all around angel-headed hipster, you may not be in the know. Harris, 23, began making music at the tender age of 15 in his bedroom. With some moderate success at the age of 18 with his singles 'Brighter Days' and 'Da Bongos,' Harris was signed to EMI in 2006 after his music was discovered through the social networking site Myspace. Calvin is from Dumfries, Scotland, a small town with a population of under 40,000 people.

His debut 14-track album, entitled 'I Created Disco,' was first released June 18th in Europe on EMI, with several successful singles in the UK. Look for the September 4th release stateside on Almost Gold. Glammy and hip, the album was concocted on an old Amiga computer in his bedroom. Listeners can expect a funky, futuristic, electro-disco album.

'Acceptable in The 80s', his first US single, is quintessential future disco. Intoxicating synths, and catchy lyrics shine through and make this a floorfiller.

A packed in disco bass line features remnants of LCD Soundsystem in 'Merrymaking at My Place'. Full of drug references and an overall lack of lyrical genius, however cheek-in-tongue it may be, the synthy effects are irresistible.

'This Is The Industry' is Calvin's brain child of fun, poppy, cheesy keyboard riffs. We can also conclude that Harris fancies 'Colours' and has an eclectic taste for 'The Girls.'

I Created Disco is annoyingly catchy and full of dancefloor tunes, albeit one-dimensional ones. You are likely to be caught singing and bobbing your head along. A valiant effort acceptable in '07.

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