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Cascada - Perfect Day

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Cascada - Perfect Day

Cascada - Perfect Day

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After being teased for months with Rascal Flatts' cover and 1st single "What Hurts The Most," Cascada (Natalie Horler + producers Yann "Yanou" Peifer and Manuel Reuter) unleashes their follow-up to the wildly successful "Everytime We Touch" album. As of this writing, Cascada is the most successful German act worldwide right now and has enjoyed recordbreaking download figures and many awards since their debut.

The "typical Cascada sound" is an upbeat dance cut that opens with a mellow ballad-like segment kicking into a hard driving beat at 1st chorus interspersed with thick synth-driven transitions. While this formulaic approach does make for a consistent dance album, it tends to force the defining mark of the best tracks to be melody.

Standout songs sporting the typical Cascada sound are "Who Do You Think You Are" (not an M-People or Saint Etienne cover), the very catchy "Dream on Dreamer" and "Runaway," second single "What Do You Want From Me," and the aforementioned "What Hurts The Most," featuring some pleasant acoustic guitar woven into the mix. There are a couple of decent ballads ("Could it be You" & the Candlelight mix of "What Hurts The Most") thrown in for good measure. Interestingly, there are numerous import versions that include up to four additional (non-remix) titles that we don't get on this US edition.

But the most exciting thing for me as a dance music fan are a few tracks that vary slightly from the Cascada formula yet are still enjoyable dance songs. "Holiday" (a slower tempo, fun girl-power number- and not a Madonna cover by the way), and "Faded" (with its more Ian Van Dahl or Da Buzz feel). My only complaint here is the done-to-death cover of Patti Smith's "Because The Night." Although not much new ground has been broken here, Perfect Day is a solid follow up that shouldn't disappoint Cascada fans coming back for more.

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