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The Chemical Brothers - Do It Again

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The Chemical Brothers - Do It Again

Chemical Brothers - Do It Again


About a decade ago, a new style of dance music was supposed to become the next big thing on dance floors. That style, known simply as "electronica," made a loud but fast splash. Most of those artists have faded into obscurity except for a scant few. One of those who have survived is the Chemical Brothers. They have just released a new CD entitled "We Are The Night" and the first single is "Do It Again." Though not a song that will be played during peak hours on a Saturday night, the song is pretty cool and the remixes by Oliver Huntemann and Audion are pretty good, taking the track in varying directions.

The original Extended Mix kicks off with a funky drum beat that eventually quickly leads into a head-bopping keyboard lick. The vocals are more spoken than sung and the lyrics are rather nonsensical, but the instrumentation is the highlight here. Lots of electronic noises and samples are interspersed among the bass line and a repetitive deep voice telling us to "do it again," an order very reminiscent of the classic Razor N Guido track from 1998. The Oliver Huntemann Remix attempts to make the song a bit more accessible to punters by adding a Benny Bennassi feel to the track. Most of the blips and beeps from the original version are missing here, allowing the deep bass sound to truly enrich the song. This version has a much sparser feel and would fit in nicely during a late night set. Finally, the Audion House Arrest Mix goes into a decidedly minimal space, using lots of synthesizers and losing most of the vocals. It's a very tripped-out excursion and has a very dark and sensual tone. Some could even say it has a very "bathhouse" sort of vibe to it (those who don't know what that is, ask your best gay friend). This is a perfect choice for really late at night, perhaps even a good closer for the evening.

The Chemical Brothers are one of the only bands that I truly ever enjoyed from the glut of performers that sprouted up during the electronica era. Though that style of music may not be in fashion anymore, the band has kept pushed forward and their sound has evolved over the years. "Do It Again" is a great single and the mixes take it into very different places. If you have never heard them, do yourself a favor and pick up their new CD "We Are The Night" and try something new.

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