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Clear Static – Make Up Sex (Take 2)

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Clear Static – Make Up Sex (Take 2)

Clear Static - Make Up Sex

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I gotta admit this really isn't my scene. The electro-house stuff is just way too Euro for me. Sure, a few have stood out – I feel in love with Satisfaction from Benny Benassi, for example. Having said that, some people LIVE for this style of music and who's to knock them – certainly not me! So for this review, I'll try to put myself in their shoes.

The original LP version is very neo-Punk meets electronica. The vocal is straight out of 1983 and so is the arrangement. (There's a sample in there that's wearing on my brain to indentify). As far as remixes go, Maverick went in the right direction with Jeff Barringer and Claude Le Gache. Both have a similar style and approach and their mixes speak volumes. Heavy bass with a Kraftwerk-ian synthesizer looping round and round make up the mass of these two. On a side note, if you want a good laugh – read the remix credits for Claude Le Gache – they put a smile on my face.

In addition to the aforementioned mixes, there's also stylings from Eddie Baez, DJ Monk, and Mount Sims. Being the queen I am, I went straight for Eddie's mix when I received this but was quickly disappointed. Clear Static's vocal sounds strangely laughable with Eddie's beats. I can't put my finger on it. DJ Monk and Mount Sims' mixes are twice as bad and sound like they were made between munchies while the mixers were high.

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