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DJ Ricardo Presents Out. Anthems

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By Scott Mahia

DJ Ricardo Presents Out. Anthems

DJ Ricardo Presents Out Anthems

Ultra Records

Ultra Records has a new compilation; their FIRST gay-themed compilation with 14 songs to get you movin'. There are tracks by Roger Sanchez, David Morales, Freemasons, Jonathan Peters, and Amuka to name a few.

The compilation is mixed by DJ Ricardo! who spins at some of New York's hottest clubs, such as Pacha and Crobar, and who was a resident DJ at the legendary Stonewall.

This compilation is packed with songs that vary from diva vocal house, trance, electro, and classic house styles. My favorites include "Lost" by Roger Sanchez, "How Would You Feel" by David Morales, "Watchin" by Freemasons, and "Craving" by Amuka. There are many others like Chocolate Puma, Hi_tack, and Tom Novy on this CD, and there are even a few cover versions that you will remember, too.

My afterthought on this CD is I'm not sure why they are called "Anthems" as most of the songs are so new that I don't feel that they are anthems, at least not yet.

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