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Da Buzz - Last Goodbye

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Da Buzz - Last Goodbye

Da Buzz - The Last Goodbye

Airus Recordings

Da Buzz keeps going strong with their fifth release, the follow-up to their rock-twinged dance album, Dangerous-- impressive not only for the longevity of a dance act, but also that members Per and Peir wrote every song! Alas, this is currently only available at import pricing.

On the bright side, with Last Goodbye, Da Buzz continues to release the quality dance music their fans have come to expect. The title cut kicks off the record with their signature stacked vocal chorus, solid melody, and dance energy.

Slightly slower-paced "World for 2" follows, the catchiest song of the 12. "Tell Me No Lies" weaves some clean electric guitar and upbeat dance programming with a strong sing-along melody. "Life is Good" is another dance cut with an uplifting lyric, stepping up the intensity, raising the key for the final chorus.

"Here I Am" is an interesting dance number with a laid back vocal and lead piano track with a slight Spanish hint. "Live My Life With You" is a sweet pleasant ballad. Overall an upbeat album, Last Goodbye is worth the import price for fans of the group. More casual dance enthusiasts may want to hold out for the possibility of a domestic release.

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