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Various Artists - Dance Party (Like It's 2005)

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Various Artists - Dance Party (Like It's 2005)

Various Artists - Dance Party Like It's 2005

Robbins Entertainment

An impressive array of artists grace the eighth installment of Robbins continuously-mixed various artists compilations. Here as on the recent Britney Spears remixes release, the Valentin remix of "Everytime" is the strongest cut on the project with its stomping opening and aggressive feel. It is led into perfectly by Dido's "White Flag (scumfrog remix)" a dark and excellent dance remix of the original. "Easy as Life" is another gem in the collection from the quintessential Deborah Cox.

This release was one of the first places for Lasgo fans to have a cut from the forthcoming Lasgo CD. The album version of "Surrender" closes the disc and is a strong, hooky, eurotrance track punctuated with a cool 'go!' vocal sample. Personally, I enjoy Robbins' trance compilations more than the dance ones. But this is a project that holds its own; Recommended for fans of dance/pop and those who don't already have a lot of the popular tracks included here.

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