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Darude's 'Label This!'

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Darude's 'Label This!'

Darude Rocking the

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The next song is the title track and while the sound remains consistent with the previous tracks, it seems to lose some of the momentum that had been built up to this point. The vocals definitely do not add anything to the song and seem to detract from the actual music. "Lost," though, recoups some the momentum that was lost on the previous track and the vocals are kept to a bare minimum and seems to continue with the track "For Those I Love" which feels more like an extension of the previous track. One of the redeeming qualities of this album though is that when any of the tracks fail to produce the goods, it still seems to have a certain flow and continuity with the rest of the album except for the second-to-last track. "Dreams" is a beautiful listen and definitely contains a certain atmospheric vibe to it but it doesn't seem to fit as well with the pulsating beats and edgier tones of the previous tracks. On its own it is a nice listen but within the confines of this album, it seems out of place and somewhat too sedate for the musical journey that has been created so far. This is justified, however, by the trance mix of the previous track "In the Darkness" which ends out the musical set. While it is not a strong ending for the new release from Darude, it at least seems to be consistent with previous tracks and provides a sense of closure to the set.


Label This!, by most accounts, is a great listen and filled with some great tracks that definitely are worthy of a few plays on the dancefloor even though some tracks bog the album down at times. I do have to admit though that no matter what flaws may exist on this album, you definitely know this is a Darude production and that the music is uniquely his. Unfortunately though there is no track that equals the appeal of "Sandstorm" or even "Out of Control," which is a little disappointing but when you set the bar so high straight out of the gate then it is bound to happen. I still believe that the album deserves a few plays because it is still a very cohesive and enjoyable set with some unique gems but don't expect anything massive to reach out and grab you. It is a solid experience which can definitely be appreciated on its own merits.

Released December 2008 on Robbins Entertainment

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