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David Guetta - Poplife

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David Guetta - Poplife

David Guetta - PopLife

Ultra Records

After the stunning success of "Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away)" and David's phenomenal album Guetta Blaster, he returns with a disc chock full of hard-hitting dance pop gems. Now, don't get me wrong, this is dance through and through. Each track finds that nerve that makes you wiggle with every beat, but the songs themselves resonate with the feeling that also finds you through pop tracks. There is a melody, a talk of love or loss, a cry to do things right. Each vocalist brings his or her own personality through David's stellar electro-vibed dance beats, whether it be Tara MacDonald ("My My My" vocalist), Juliet ("Avalon"), Chris Willis ("Love Don't Let Me Go") or JD Davis ("The World Is Mine"). Juliet is actually the name that drew me to this album the most. I do appreciate David Guetta and all that he does, but her voice is so strong, so confident, so raw that I tend to love her work thoroughly. And seeing her name attached to David Guetta's album was just too much to pass up, especially with this being her first piece since her debut album, Random Order. Her song, "Do Something Love," harkens to people to strive to do things out of love rather than hate or greed. It is a call for something better and for actions driven by a stronger force. All the while being driven by a forceful electrosynthy club beat. Tara MacDonald's voice melds really well with Guetta's style, as well as with Armand Van Helden. She must "have it." Vocalists Cozi and Thailand join the fray as well.

Although all of the tracks are above-average (more than just "good"), one stands out above the rest. "Everytime We Touch" may sound like ANOTHER crappy cover, but it's not. It is a great electro composition that starts small, promises big, and delivers with gusto. Chris Willis performs the vocals for this track, along with Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso adding their flava, and if Guetta plays his cards right it could be a bona fide hit. It is a truly spectacular piece of music, and I find myself tapping my foot, or walking to the beat, or thinking about it at some point throughout the day. Fantastic job, David!

Summary - This is not an album to miss, and with it's recent domestic release, there's nothing holding you back from picking it up. One of the best dance records of 2007.

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