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Delerium - Silence 2004

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Delirium - Silence

Delirium - Silence

Aah, life doesn't get much better then a classic that refuses to die. Especially when you thought a classic couldn't get much better. Well, it sure did this time around. Delerium took Sarah McLachlan's "Silence" song and turned it into one of the best trance anthems of all time. Back in 2000-2001 you couldn't go to any club or listen to any radio mixshow or buy any CD compilation without hearing this. Over the past few years people have tried to outdo the originals with mash ups and bootlegs. They never did any justice. Maybe sometimes in life you just have to abide by the law and do things legally. Maybe it's just me, but it helps when the government's got your back. The CD single was only one remix away from being the absolute perfect CD single for this song. It contains two new mixes by trancemasters Above & Beyond with their 21st Century Remix. The next new mix is a nice house remix with the Filterheadz Remix.
One house and one trance mix is perfect for each genre as new mixes. But if you loved the original mixes the single also contains the Original Fade Sanctuary Mix Edit, the Original DJ Tiesto's In Search of Sunshine Remix and the epic chillout mix of the Original Michael Woods Mix. The only mix missing is the classic Airscape Mix. This single has been brought to life once again and as Yogi Berra would say, it's deja vu all over again.
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