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DJ Disciple featuring Lady Bunny - I Get High

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DJ Disciple featuring Lady Bunny - I Get High

Lady Bunny


Lady Bunny and DJ Disciple team up to get high- on music. Lady Bunny is most famous for founding Wigstock in NYC, a parade of drag and music drawing 40,000-plus wigs per year. And she's also been in a movie with one of the best dance soundtracks ever- "Party Girl." The Hard Soul Mix of "I Get High" is a quirky house trip, with a detuned, comical bassline. The Red-Lite Mix hits a little harder with a deep Chicago house flavor. It's those playful blips and bleeps that can put a smile on the most bitter of faces.

Lyrically it's an homage to the feeling of movin' to the music. The mix is decent and hard hitting enough to hold its own with serious tracks. More importantly- it's a fun record. Old School Electro fans will delight to the X-Factor 7 Mix. A funky breakbeat peppered with a Roland beat box and a DX-7 synth bring back the techno funk of the 80's. And then the mix planes out into a straight-up house groove as the vocals drop- my favorite mix for its uniqueness. And if you thought the only drag queen in the mix was RuPaul, you can now add Lady Bunny to the list. She's got a cute website you must see!

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