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Joe Ransom - Fabric London 20

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Joe Ransom - Fabric Live 20

Joe Ransom - Fabric Live 20

At a time when club anthems and D&B floor killers reign supreme in the clubs, Fabric maintains their impeccable pedigree by releasing a refreshing and eye-opening release consisting of hip-hop, breakbeats, dancehall, and even a bit of garage flavor. FabricLive 20: Joe Ransom has the fun and spirit of an early 90s rave with a modern day sound for which its titled super-venue is known.

Ransom has blessed us with the sounds of Zinc, Rodney P., Stanton Warriors, Tayo, and Dizzee Rascal amongst many others. On the front end of this release you'll find some real hip-hop gems such as Pablo's "Turntable Technology" and Evil Ed's "Nico Suave." On the tail end, funky bass lines mesh perfectly with quirky synth lines and quite frequently a catchy vocal line.

From a tracklisting standpoint, Ransom has focused less on progressing the newest of the new, rather compiling a group of tunes from the past few years and pieced them together in a fashion that will having you grooving from the downbeat.

This compilation screams the fun and excitement for which Fabric is known and is enough to satisfy the musical appetite of any fan of dance music, no matter where their EDM allegiance may lie. FabricLive 20: Joe Ransom is currently available in Europe as well as here.

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