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Ferry Corsten presents Passport: Kingdom of the Netherlands

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Ferry Corsten presents Passport: Kingdom of the Netherlands

Ferry Corsten - Passport: Kingdom of the Netherlands

Thrive Records

Ferry Corsetn is one of the leading trance DJs across the globe, known for his mixing of the "Trance Nation" compilation series which has sold over a million copies worldwide. He is also known for his past compilations like Global Trancemissions, World Tour, and Infinite Euphoria, and now he has started a new series of compilations entitled "Passport." The first release of this compilation is entitled "Passport: Kingdom of the Netherlands."

The two-disc, 18-track mix compilation gives you an outstanding release from Ferry. From tracks like Misja Helsloot's "Blue Monkey" to the melodic drama of BT's "Force of Gravity," the compilation needs to be played at loud levels to appreciate the programming and track selection from Ferry. Corsten has also remixed and produced under such names as System F, 4x4, and Digital Control. With such classic tracks like "Out of the Blue," "Gouryella," and "Punk" under his name, he shows no signs of stopping. I give this a 4 out of 5 as I only wish there was a third CD in the set.

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