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Gabriel & Dresden - Portobello / Serendipity

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A1. Portobello

Following up a track like "Arcadia" can be a tough chore if you lack the production skills that G&D are blessed with. "Portobello" is an excellent work of acidic elements sure to have anyone within earshot sweating their clothes off. As the tune is impressive in that traditional - perfect G&D production - kind of way, the guys step out of their element just a bit to dabble in the world of acid house. If word of mouth isn't enough for you to pick this one up, maybe that nod of your head and the controlled excitement at the listening station will have you running for the registers.

B1. Serendipity

Serendipity is a bit of a step back in the direction of that traditional G&D progressive sound that we all love. A beautiful melody sits on a bed of solid beats and bass stabs while the echo of synth textures causes your eyes to roll to the back of your head. This is one of those dynamic anthems that you hear playing in the next room, causing you to leave your place in the bar queue in hopes that you'll get a good spot on the dancefloor.

Label: Organized Nature
Cat. No: ORDN002
Release: June 2005
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