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Hilary Duff — Play With Fire (Remix)

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By David Sanford

Hilary Duff — Play With Fire (Remix)

Hilary Duff - Play With Fire

Hollywood Records
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Over the past few years, Hilary Duff has gone from being a cute tween sensation on "Lizzie McGuire" to a burgeoning pop starlet. She has released a couple of CDs full of the kind of tracks you would hear on Radio Disney or your local top 40 pop station. She has reached out to the club community once before with an excellent Chris Cox remix of her song "Come Clean."

A little older and sexier, she is returning to the dance floor with the first single from her upcoming new album. "Play With Fire" is remixed by none other than Richard Vission. His mixes of late have had a very electrofunk vibe to them, and the same groove happens here. "Hilary" and "funky" do not seem like two words that should go together, but somehow Vission makes it work. In its original version, the song already has a slinky, sexy edge that I have never heard before in one of her songs. Richard takes this and expands it into a dance floor burner that most folks will not even think is the sweet and shy clean teen.

Her voice is almost unrecognizable underneath all of the effects added on by the remix. Lots of synths and throbbing guitar are injected to make this mix stand out from a lot of the songs you've been hearing in the clubs lately. All the whistles and bells end up creating a very fun and fierce remix that will surely shock a lot of Hilary's fanbase as well as a lot of the DJs out there. The promo single includes the original version along with a radio edit, dub, and mixshow for those who may need them. The dub essentially removes all of her vocals except for one line, perfect for those DJs who just can't admit to playing a Hilary Duff record. Kudos to Richard Vission for a truly inventive reconstruction that will only add to the reinvention of this former teen queen.

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