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Ian Van Dahl - Lost & Found

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Ian Van Dahl - Lost and Found

Ian Van Dahl - Lost and Found

Ian Van Dahl's sophomore CD "Lost & Found" offers up an almost tireless extravaganza of blipping and bleeping thundering Trance tunes. In fact, other than a few tracks (the sparsely arranged "Inspiration," the instrumental "Rollercoaster" with its slight 80s synth vibe, and the ballad "Waiting 4 You"), the rest of the CD is entirely made up of solid female vocal Trance anthems. Lacking the preponderance of incongruous filler tracks that often pad out albums from dance music groups, really almost any of the songs on "Lost & Found" could work as a future single release.

Yet the album also works as a cohesive whole, yes, occasionally the surging synths and pounding beats let up to breathe before returning to the barrage in a brief flurry of breakbeats, but for the most part the tracks weave into one another in an almost seamless manner. If you liked their "Where Are You Now?" single and want more of the same, it's a pretty safe bet you'll enjoy "Lost & Found," for what the CD lacks in variety, it more than makes up for in consistency.

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