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Inaya Day - Lift It Up

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Inaya Day - Lift It Up

Inaya Day - Lift It Up

Tommy Boy Records

"Nasty Girl" was a cute cover, but here Inaya Day gets back to form with a fierce track called "Lift It Up." Written by Day and Mike Cruz, it's born directly from club culture. There are seven mixes here: two radio edits and five full-length extended remixes. The original mixes (radio edits) use heavy doses of Latin elements- funky syncopated percussion and rolling keyboard loops that'll set the cantina on fire. Day takes the track to the stratosphere with her soulful, powerful and soaring vocals. The Cruz vs Francois Vox mix keeps the Latin elements of the original, and pump up the beat. The Foundation mix rides a thumpy bassline, introducing lounge-style keyboards and grooving out in solid style. The Pierpressure remix is darker and harder. The hard house beat rolls with authority, and there's a good drop and build.

The Cruz vs Francois Rican mix revisits the Latin vibe and pumps up the hardness factor. I've saved the best mix for last- the DJ Paulo & Jamie J Sanchez Vox mix. This one is absolutely slammin' and 100% guaranteed to set ablaze any house floor. The original Latin elements are dropped in favor of a more progressive hard house style. This one is massive, easily one of the best tracks of the year. Inaya Day takes this track and makes it fly: spectacular vocal performance. Get this one and get uplifted.

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