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Ivy Queen — Que Lloren

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Ivy Queen — Que Lloren

Ivy Queen - Que Lloren

The musical style known as reggaeton has swept the nation in the past couple of years. The melding of Latin & Jamaican rhythms and hip-hop rhymes and beats has become the music of choice in many Latin clubs and is becoming more and more popular with mainstream radio stations and dancefloors. Most of the big stars of this genre are men, such as Daddy Yankee & Don Omar. One of the few women to make a name for herself in this arena is Ivy Queen. She has truly left her mark on the reggaeton world and now is expanding her reach with the song "Que Lloren." Both Ralphi Rosario & Norty Cotto have remixed this track from her current CD "Sentimento." While Cotto stays true to Ivy's roots, Ralphi turns this single into a club thumper as only he can.

Ralphi's Vocal Mix is one hot number! Keeping his signature sound and style intact, this remix is loaded with lots of pumping rhythm and percussion. Ivy's Spanish vocals may be lost on some punters, but that should not keep you from running out and twirling to this. Around the four-minute mark, the synth line comes in to add even more spice to the track. The beats stay consistent and steady with no big variations one way or another. Sometimes this makes a song boring, but Ralphi manages to add enough bells and whistles to keep it from dragging. If you are looking for something a bit more traditional to the reggaeton style, look no further than the Norty Cotto N.Y. Reggaeton Mix. This remix is short, clocking in at just less than three and a half minutes. It is a classic reggaeton mix, complete with the drums and chants one would expect. Not a version recommended during a peak session, but it would be fun to throw this on when things are slow just to see the reaction. It's also an obvious choice for any sort of Latin-themed night or party you may be having.

Ivy Queen proves why she is called the Queen of Reggaeton. Her vocals are on point and Ralphi Rosario & Norty Cotto provide beats that never take away from that. A great song and a nice change of pace from the wailing dance divas that usually flood dance floors. Let's hope for more Latin dance remixes to break through during this hot summer season.

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