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Ivy Queen - Sentimientos

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By Scott Mahia

Ivy Queen - Sentimientos

Ivy Queen - Sentimientos

Drama/Univision Records

Ivy Queen to me is the female equivalent of Daddy Yankee. She has been in the biz for over 10 years and is a huge artist not only in her native island of Puerto Rico, but is fast becoming a name here in the states as the Queen of Reggaeton.

The latest single, Sentimientos, has a bunch of hot dance remixes from the Ambassador of House Music Georgie Porgie and also the multi-talented Norty Cotto. Georgie's House mixes are my favorite on this single. He kept the Latin Reggaeton feel by incorporating heavy piano riffs and precussion, making it a definite club friendly mix. Norty's mixes are more radio friendly and sample the famous and very popular beat in "Girl You Know Its True" by Milli Vanilli as well as "Murder She Wrote" by Chaka Demus & Pliers. I love how he blended the samples and gave the mix an interesting depth.

I've always been a fan of Latin/Tribal house and the RaggaHouse sound. It's great to see that even with newer genres like Reggaeton, the labels let the house mixes be available. If you like the Latin/Reggaeton sound, then you should have Ivy Queen in your collection.

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