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Junkie XL featuring Lauren Rocket - "Cities in Dust" EP

About.com Rating 3 Star Rating
User Rating 5 Star Rating (1 Review)


Junkie XL featuring Lauren Rocket -

Junkie XL featuring Lauren Rocket - Cities in Dust EP


So, the new Junxie XL single is a cover of Siouxsie & the Banshees' still-timeless "Cities in Dust." This is a good thing, because it brings back fond memories of classic mid-80s Siouxsie, with goth-disco ruling on dancefloors the world over. Sadly, the bad thing about this is that Lauren Rocket's vocals aren't up to snuff.

The Single Edit has good production, with an uptempo electro sound and some nice synth noises, but you just don't try and tackle Siouxsie Sioux unless your voice is up to it. Sadly, this is going to be a big problem for many of the rest of the mixes. King Unique's Remix (purchase/download) is deep and pulsy, but with very little going on. Similarly, Gareth Wyn's Remix (purchase/download) is suitably uptempo, but boring- nothing really happens.

The Done and Dusted Glimmer Remix is slow-building, with what feels like an indie-rock take on Jaydee's Plastic Dreams. There's minimal vocal here- and as such, it would make for a good bridge track in sets.

Adam K and Soha's Mix (purchase/download) uses a lot of vocal stutters and some lush arpeggiations. The sound is a good one, but the vocal just wrecks it. Right around two minutes in, it shifts its tone and breaks down, but builds up to the same thing it was doing before. Then at four and a half minutes, it has an even better breakdown, but it still just goes back to doing the same as before. It's frustrating structure, but by far the best of the mixes. The disc closes out with a mix from Moonbootica, which offers up big, twisted beats- and sadly, little else.


Done & Dusted Glimmer Mix - 3 out of 5
Adam K and Soha - 4 out of 5
All other mixes - 2 out of 5
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