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Jody Watley – Looking For A New Love

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Jody Watley – Looking For A New Love

Jody Watley - Looking for a New Love

Water Music
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Grammy award-winner, style icon, and legendary club diva Jody Watley revisits her own 1980s signature song "Looking For A New Love" with her latest release on the Water Music Dance label. The lead ROCAsound Mix is actually one of the less impressive takes on this single as it revises the song into a relatively unexciting bumping House makeover, and unfortunately the mood does not improve terribly much in the formulaic Circuit-styled Chus & Ceballos Mix or the sleepily throwaway Deep House vibe on the Craig C. Mix. In fact, it's really only when the remixes take a step away from House genre that we find some satisfying results with the Chris Joss Vocal Mix, an ambitious Big Beat workout that takes inspiration from acts like the Propellerheads and the Elvis vs. JXL collaboration "A Little Less Conversation," and the ominous Electro-styled Heinrich Z.

Mix which emerges as the winner from this set with it's deft mix of 80s flashback synth riffs and modern day percussion that brings to mind the recent work of Felix Da Housecat or even Kelly Osbourne's crossover hit "One Word." So while in some ways this release may be a bit of a disappointment given that none of the mixes really surpass the panache of the original production, the creative new takes from Chris Joss and Heinrich Z. still manage to breathe some creative new life into this evergreen tune.

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