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Jorg Henze - Ash and Diamonds

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Jorg Henze - Ash and Diamonds

Jorg Henze - Ash and Diamonds


Debut full-length releaes from German techno producer and the man of a thousand aliases (including 303 Child, Gecko, Henze, Leaders Of The 909, Phuture Sound System and WJH to name a few), this release for Zenit, features 12 tracks of funky, hard, soulful flavor. Even on the harder inclusions, Henze shows his love for the melodic side of techno, including deep, hypnotic and even uplifting keys in nearly every offering. The real gems here are the body rocking "World Train," the quirky "Sub Station," and the truly gorgeous "Power Tool" and "Ash." Faultless it is not, but as a reflection of the genius of Jorg Henze, this is a great demonstration.

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