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Larry Tee - 'Club Badd'

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Larry Tee - Club Badd

Larry Tee - Club Badd

Ultra Records
Club Badd is very naughty, sometimes droll and even has red hemp ropes as apposed to velvet ones. Nightclub legend, promoter, starter of the term electroclash and former Roxy DJ Larry Tee is the head mischief maker on “Welcome To Club Badd,” and mischief he does make on this CD which, after a while might get on your nerves.
Featuring tracks like, ”My Penis” and “My Pu**y” (“uhh, my pu**y! my pu**y, my PU**Y!!”) in the line-up, this disc is not for the squeamish or those hideous conservative corporate club owners. Personally, unless one of the aforementioned is accessible, directly available and clean, I don’t want to be reminded of it especially as I write this review – alone! I am very glad to hear a new track featuring Princess Superstar, “Licky.” A highlight of the album, with strong sexy beats, punchy vocals and reaming rhythm, "Licky" continues the path she launched with the Mason mashup "Perfect Exceeder" last year. The song acts as a good introduction to the sound of the cd - hardcore electro beats with a techno style.

Larry Tee Welcome Everyone to the Club

From freaks to famous, everyone is welcome into the scandalous Club Badd! As I listened, at one point in-between the innuendo and entendres I asked myself if I was at a Drag show or something. That's not to far out of frame as Larry Tee in fact there is a Rupaul connection as Tee co-wrote Rupaul's most famous mid-nineties top 40 hit “Supermodel (You Better Work)!! Big time kudos on that bit of music history, Mr. Tee, as it is one of my all-time favorites. The support of drag and queer culture continues on Club Badd with tracks by transvestite supermodel Amanda Lepore ("My Pu**y") and gay-rights gossip blogger Perez Hilton ("My Penis.")

The Beats Are Hard in Club Badd

Club Badd is replete with repetitive beats and breaks rather than stand alone tracks per se; more like elements of your night’s work if you DJ. Much of this is annoyingly tacky unless you are in a big room like NYC’s Webster Hall. Beware radio DJs, there is copious cursing herein, especially on track ten “Louis Vuitton” here after to be known as the “f*** you song." The track with Christopher Just is just about the best stand-alone jam as it helps you to “Get Your Grind On” without undue sexual calisthenics.

Is Club Badd Too Sexual?

This kind of sexual innuendo is fun between me and my mate or during your college days. Possibly it should have been two separate albums – one with the live and direct beats like “I Love U”, "Agyness Deyn”, “Hipster Girl”, "The Noughties," and even number “Clap That Ass,” and then a separate cd of all the sex talk. I’m no prude by any means, but the gratuitous vulgarities on the other tracks have no place other than some nightclubs and our private spaces amongst consenting adults. All the extraneous sexuality and swearing could have been on an XXX version that I could have reviewed separately!

Ya, I know, somehow I don’t think the playful Larry Tee is concerned about those kind of sensibilities. There are undoubtedly those who enjoy profuse promiscuity in their music as much as cream in their coffee, but I’d prefer the instrumental jams on here and to pick my shots with the other fare, I mean, so what you have a “pu**y” or a “penis”? Depending on your needs, wants or recent activity report, those songs may only serve to remind of what you long for and haven’t gotten enough of lately. Overall let’s keep it in the middle and bestow 3 stars.

Released May 2009 on Ultra Records.

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