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Madonna – The Confessions Tour DVD/CD

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Madonna – The Confessions Tour DVD/CD

Madonna - The Confessions Tour - Live From London CD + DVD

Maverick / Warner Brothers

What has Jean-Paul Gaultier costumes, an erotic carousel, and a giant disco ball cross that would make Jesus boogie oogie oogie 'til he just can't boogie no more?

If you guessed Madonna's The Confessions Tour, you win a giant tub of pop culture goo, because that's what oozes from Madonna's most current DVD/CD release!

Keep in mind that pop culture goo is a great snack, and full of sexy calories.

Madonna's Confessions tour, like all of her tours, was a powerhouse of rock solid energy and rock hard bodies. Madonna's Confessions dancers, as always, were the hottest of the hot and the best of the best. The DVD delivers no less, and is full of the same enthusiasm that has always gushed through Madonna and her dancers. Nothing is lost in the translation of the concert energy to the film. In fact, the concert film, directed by Jonas Akerlund and Tony Fernandes, is more like an experiment in multimedia presentations, rather than a traditional concert film. Jonas Akerlund slices sassy visual elements such as 3D graphics, picture stills, and creative camera angles into every frame. These visuals are chopped over, under, and on top of Madonna as she struts her classic stuff across the stage at Wembley Arena in London. Gone are the boring days of concerts filmed with only three cameras and stagnant angles; Madonna has set a new standard.

Jean-Paul Gaultier's costumes are fierce. A round of golf claps are in order for Mr. Gaultier and his team. Soon, if not already, all the costumes from The Confessions Tour will be recreated on a drag queen stage near you (Especially the little white and blue striped bodysuit Madonna wears while singing "Erotica").

The whole concert is entertaining, and several of the more sexy routines should be accompanied by a warning. WARNING: The following dance number will inspire viewers to ride their couches like coked-out strippers. Madonna also emulates Jesus on a giant disco cross while singing "Live to Tell." This scene was the hot controversy of the tour. However, it's not the most entertaining. The dance number that stands out the most is "Music" mixed with "Disco Inferno." The choreography for "Music Inferno" pays homage to Saturday Night Fever with just a dash of welcomed Madonna nastiness.

Unfortunately, the DVD extras are surprisingly lame. The bonus features include a brief documentary about the tour's rehearsal process and a few production stills. Thank goodness a CD with live music performances from the show is included with the DVD. The CD has 13 tracks, and is a great perk to go along with the DVD. However, the packaging for both is slightly disappointing. (The copy I received to review wasn't glued together properly, and the inside booklet was glued in crooked.)

Alright now, this reviewer refuses hate on The Confessions Tour DVD/CD anymore. Other than the above mentioned minor complaints, The Confessions Tour combo pack is an amusing investment and fails to disappoint. The dedicated Madonna fans and casual listeners of her music will both be inspired to dance around their houses in their underwear while watching this lively DVD.

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