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Medina - 'Welcome to Medina' CD Review

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Medina - Welcome to Medina

Medina - Welcome to Medina

You remember Medina, right? That sultry singer who had that amazing dance track called “You & I”? Yeah, you know it. It got remixed by deadmau5 and totally rocked whatever house it was played in. The original was pretty fantastic, too. Well, take a few moments and get acclimated because it's time to say Welcome to Medina. This Danish singer has received a lot of attention in her country for the Danish original of “You & I” titled “Kun for mig,” and the subsequent Danish version of her album, Velkommen til Medina. Its success led to the English version of the album being released, and thank goodness because Medina's voice and her classy dance pop is a welcome thing indeed.
“You & I” is as good a place to start as any. The dark and edgy dance pop track packs a punch both musically, with a insistent beat and distinctive production, as well as her lyrics which detail her night out on her own, happy her hurtful relationship is finally over. Five additional singles found their way to be released from the album, giving us more views into the singer's style of music and the range of her voice. “Lonely,” another intense track, focuses on Medina's negative feelings towards the one who hurt her. She wishes the subject of her track to be lonely, because they deserve it. “Lonely” isn't as good as “You & I,” but is more entertaining than “Addiction,” Medina's third single. In this rather standard dance pop track, Medina finds herself unwillingly craving the object of her dissatisfaction. And as if Medina is telling a story through her singles, “Gutter” finds her coming down off of her “Addiction,” emotionally in the gutter and realizing the way she feels and the events happening around her aren't good things. “Gutter” is a step back into the right direction after “Addiction,” being almost as good as “You & I.” But in sharp contrast, “The One” is an upbeat and far less aggressive dance track emphasizing how loving someone deeply is enough to overlook the bad parts of a relationship. But maybe Medina should listen to her own advice, because her sixth single, “Execute Me,” sees her recognizing that there isn't any more pain her object can put her through than to just execute her. Her singles are the tale of a codependent relationship, the highs and lows obvious through the phases of her realization. The music itself doesn't as adequately showcase this roller coaster of emotion, most of the tracks on the darker side of dance pop.
The rest of the album seems to complete the rest of Medina's horrible relationship over some entertaining dance beats and engaging production. She goes from being “Happy” “In Your Arms” to “Selfish” at “6 am.” Curiously, these songs have a far more unique sound to them than the majority of her album singles. Whether this is a calculated move so that listeners enjoy her entire body of music, or if her singles are just bad choices overall, we can't know. But the duller moments on Welcome to Medina happen to be all previously-released singles.


Medina's album doesn't pack the punch that “You & I” did but it's a consistently pleasant listen. There are far better albums out there, but many that are atrocious in comparison. Medina's biggest asset, her voice, seems to drown in the overly-dark production on the album, which was used too much to capitalize on the success of “You & I”. Check out “Happy” and “6 am” for examples in how Medina can shake things up to achieve a more unique result.

Welcome to Medina released September 2011 on Ultra Records.
Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the record label. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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