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Morgan Page - 'Believe' (Take 2)

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Morgan Page - Believe

Morgan Page - 'Believe'


Following the 2008 release of Elevate, Morgan Page is set to release his next full-length solo record on Nettwerk records in early 2010, entitled Believe. With the critical and commercial success of Elevate and a Grammy nomination for “Longest Road,” Morgan set a pretty high standard for this next record; with Believe he does not disappoint.

Believe is a powerful mix of progressive house tracks, interspersed with a few downtempo and instrumental tracks. Nearly every selection features a guest vocalist; Morgan even takes to the microphone on one. Most notable on Believe is the way Morgan combines dance music with a pop sensibility. The tracks are radio-friendly and will appeal to dance fanatics and most Top 40 lovers alike.

The first 4 tracks are classic Morgan Page – huge drums, searing pads, throbbing basses, and angelic vocals, interspersed with splashes of guitar from Nashville electronic producer Terry Grant. An extended intro takes the listener right into "Strange Condition," introducing the voice of Elisabeth Morris, who also sings on the title track "Believe" and the first single "Fight for You." "Back to Life" featuring Samantha James rounds out the top 4, after which the CD turns from banging progressive beats in favor of a more introspective vibe.

“Agnus Dei,” featuring Matt Alber, offers a nice break from the first 4 tracks, starting out with a downtempo feel and then breaking with the 4-on-the-floor beat in favor of a standard 4/4 beat. Matt's vocals are haunting, a perfect match for the mysteriousness of the track and the sacredness of the lyrics. Morgan stays with the same feel on the next track "Only Human" featuring Natalie Walker while throwing in the short instrumental track "Return to Me" before turning the heat back up for the listener.

The next 3 tracks - “Tell Me Why” featuring Angela McCluskey, “Traces Remain” and “I've had friends,” both featuring Jan Burton - are much like the first four: big-room progressive house beats with impeccable production and featuring amazing vocals.

For the closing tracks, Morgan switches it up and gives us two downtempo selections - “In the Dark,” featuring Morgan himself (who is no slouch when it comes to singing either), and "Coming Home," a contemplative instrumental track that makes you wish the CD wasn't almost over.

In overall flow and pacing, Believe is very much like a well-crafted DJ set - Morgan opens with 4 up-tempo dance tracks, brings it down for 3, back up for 3 more, then closes it out with 2 downtempo selections. You can tell Morgan has really figured out his place in dance music as the arrangement and production are pretty much perfect. Though all the singers are quite good in their own respect, Elisabeth Morris' voice compliments Morgan's music better than the others - perhaps it is the uniqueness of her voice and his music that work so well together.

Released February 2010 on Nettwerk.

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