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Offer Nissim featuring Maya - First Time

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Offer Nissim featuring Maya - First Time

Offer Nissim Featuring Maya - First Time

Star 69 Records

With nearly every corner of the globe establishing itself with one or more leading DJs, is it any wonder that Israel has finally stepped into the limelight, being represented by Offer Nissim? Nah, not really. Collaborating with Israeli singer Maya Simantov, known simply as Maya, their latest joint effort, "First Time," is a fun, beattastic single that is absconding quite well in clubs and on mp3 players the world over.

The "First Time" landed on the scene via Peter Rauhofer's Star 69 Records in early 2005, and mainstream America got to hear Maya's sexy and sultry vocals that not only transcends herself but make the song feels like a Gobstopper?ver-lasting; the pair have also collaborated on a string of singles (14 as of mid-2006, to be precise) dating back to 2003.

The maxi-single is comprised of six mixes and one bonus track and is 58 minutes in length.

The Original Club Mix is one of my favorite tracks, aptly opening things up and thus setting the stage for Maya's soothing vocal introduction, accompanied by a cool bass and percussive beat that compliments the track with panache.

The Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction mix is another fan fave of mine as Mr. Rauhofer's various "reconstruction" visions have enabled him, as head proprietor of the Star 69 label, to not only re-create certain mixes of artists he's signed up and overseen but further lends his mixing prowess, thus enhancing 'First Time' with a new sense of clubland style.

NYC native and Star 69 label-mate Hector Fonseca adorns the third track and is quickly becoming a name for himself, having remixed several high-profile artists in recent years including Cevin Fisher, Starkillers, Brandy's "Talk About Our Love," and Missy Elliot's "Work It."

Another Star 69 artist, Airmale (from Austria), takes up the fourth remixed spot. The track is a much groovier, somewhat harder sound but doesn't compromise a loss of the original track's anthem sound.

The Jose 'Spinnin' (Cortes) Remix is the fifth seed and provides for a kick ass boom-boom-boom beat-laced mix that his Mexican residency in Guadalajara provides you with a satisfying taste of his energetic tribal rhythms.

The sixth track featuring Ohzee & The Butcha Remix is, I think, an anthem-worthy track featuring the remixing duo of Peter Molina and Phil Moffa, further setting the bar (and the stage) for a new crop of NYC's finest to try their hands and deliver a steadfast driving track that will bring out plenty of dancing feet.

Rounding out the single is the bonus track, On Your Own, and the longest track at 9:17. I think this track was provided in order to set a few tongues and tails wagging in anticipation for whatever and however many remixes this track rightly deserves on its own.

Each of the seven mixes is an awesome accompaniment to any DJs set or any dance music collector. Each artist's house-centric layering enhances and further intensifies the mood to get up and get down especially while you're getting ready to go out for a night on the town with your respective crews.

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