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Paul Van Dyk featuring Jessica Sutta - White Lies

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Paul Van Dyk featuring Jessica Sutta - White Lies

Paul Van Dyk featuring Jessica Sutta - White Lies

Mute Records

There are two men named Paul who have become the top artists/producers/DJs in the world of trance: Paul Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyk. The latter of these two has a new CD out entitled "In Between" and the first single is starting to make waves on the dance chart. Helping out on vocal duties is Jessica Sutta, one of the members of the Pussycat Dolls. Van Dyk himself, Dave Spoon, and Aural Float do mixes and surprisingly only one of them uses the signature trance sound. The others go into different directions, but none of them are disappointing in the slightest.

Paul Van Dyk and Alex M.O.R.P.H do the Berlin Mix. It showcases all of the elements that make up a great trance mix. Synthesizers and pumped-up drums and beats zoom around frantically with the only vocals being that of Jessica singing the title of the song. It's a perfect choice for those late night punters who don't need a lot of singing with their music. If you want to actually hear the vocals, go directly to the L.A. Mix. This mix uses all of the vocals and is actually not as euphoric-sounding as the first mix. The beats are rougher and the trance element is essentially missing. I was thinking that it almost sounds like a Dave Aude remix… and then I noticed the liner notes point out that he did the vocal production of this track. Perhaps his influence rubbed off on Van Dyk for this particular version. The added elements of flamenco guitar and punched up drums make this mix a stellar one. This sound is a refreshing change to what we are used to from him. The Dave Spoon Mix continues in the same direction as the previous mix. The keyboards are the main attraction here, though during most of the mix they overpower Jessica's vocals. Finally, the Aural Float Remix is a dreamy electronic mix, not at all good for dancing to but perfect for a chilled out evening at home. The song moves along lazily and feels very atmospheric, never attempting to do anything related to a dance floor.

Paul Van Dyk makes a grand return to the club scene with his new single "White Lies". Jessica Sutta also proves that Nicole isn't the only Pussycat Doll who can sing lead. The combination of these two results in a great song with some great remixes. While only one mix is what you'd expect from Van Dyk, all of the mixes are good and worth checking out.

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