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Queer as Folk - Club Babylon

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Queer as Folk: Club Babylon

Queer as Folk: Club Babylon

Tommy Boy Records
Yes, I admit it. I Tivo Queer as Folk every Sunday. While the show may suffer from (sometimes) bad acting, repetitive story lines, and oversexed characters, the music has always been top-notch. Any time Brian, Justin, Emmit, or Micheal walk into Babylon you know your ears are in for a welcome treat. Previous soundtracks from the show, though, have proved a little too watered down for my taste. Sure, they're filled with amazing big-room dance tracks, but usually included months or even years after the original release. This time Tommy Boy has handled matters a little differently, giving fans a two-cd set of past and future club stompers!

The first set is mixed by former-Thunderpuss star Chris Cox and includes a variety of past hits like "Spin Spin Sugar" and a few more recent titles like "Safe from Harm." Cox even manages to throw in a few suprises like Book of Love's "Boy" and Bronski Beat's "Smalltown Boy." While not exactly club friendly these days, they fit well into the whole Queer as Folk sound.

For jaded queens like myself, the second set is where the money is spent. Mixed by Abel Aguilera, a more fresh sound is here. Suzanne Palmer's "Home," Murk's "Doesn't Really Matter," and Inaya Day's "Lift it Up" are neatly mixed between much more unknown titles. This set was my car stereo's best friend for an entire week straight... or should I say "queer!"

With the last season of the show quickly approaching, this may be the last souvenir soundtrack out so pick it up quick. Don't be scared by the title - one look at the tracklisting will make you feel much better about picking up a soundtrack to a hit gay television show!

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