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Rachel Panay - Back to Love

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Rachel Panay - Back to Love

Rachel Panay - Back to Love

Rachel Panay personifies the meaning of work hard, stay focused, stay determined and believe in yourself and that all your hard work will pay off in the future. Rachel Panay has been a staple in the music industry the last few years. Showing up at Winter Music Conferences, Billboard Summits and performing at parties, shows and everything else in between. She never had a label deal or a true single up until now. She is living proof of what marketing yourself and why people need to show up at Conferences like those. But personal feelings aside, Rachel has put together an excellent track for Act 2 Records and is gaining more strength with each listen and each spin. She teams up with Josh Harris, formerly of the Passengerz Remix Team and he himself is showing he can make it on his own. Both of them deliver a uplifting house song that is working its way up charts, mixshows and on-air rotation.
The remix line-up gives you an abundance of Josh Harris remixes and one excellent remix by Friscia & Lamboy (the Big Room Anthem). Other Josh Harris Remixes include the Original, Filter and Soul House Radio Edits and for Club Mixes you have the Original Extended Mix, Love Anthem Mix, Filter Mix, Soul House Extended Mix, Early Hour Lounge Mix and the Josh Harris Miami Freedom Mix. Plenty of mixes to choose from, no reason at all not to find a mix that suits your needs and be on this. So let's all take a moment to give Rachel Panay a standing ovation as for the many of us who know her personally, we all have witnessed a star in the making from the ground up. Very rare these days. Congratulations!

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