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Re:vive Sessions: Lost Language

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Re: Vive Sessions: Lost Language

Re: Vive Sessions: Lost Language

Lost Language has been and continues to be one of the best progressive trance labels of our time. This double disc set is the first domestic release featuring music from the Lost Language back catalogue and is a true testament to their impeccable style and continued mission to release only quality productions. From the luxurious, opening beats of "Isle Dauphine" by Recluse to the lovely vocal texture of "By Your Side" by Miro and the epic grandeur of "Second Sun" by Sonorous and "Goodbye" by Tilt; this is an extraordinary collection. Beautifully programmed and mixed by label boss Ben Lost, Re:vive Sessions: Lost Language harkens back to the glory days of Sasha, Dave Seaman and the Global Underground series. Even if you're not a fan of trance, it would be hard to listen to this disc and not acknowledge the beauty of the work presented here. There are very few quality double-disc mixed sets released in any given year. This is certainly on a short list for best of 2004.
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