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Robyn - 'Body Talk'

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Robyn - Body Talk

Robyn - Body Talk

A few people dominated in 2010.  It's no secret that Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and Rihanna all had stellar 2010s, but there's another pop chica who had an awesome year, and that is Robyn.  Working three times as hard as any of the above, and with material ten times as compelling to show for it, Robyn challenged herself and her fans and delivered not one, not two, but three collections of new music.  With a total of 21 new tracks over the 3 Body Talk parts, it was easy enough to assemble a tracklisting for one of the most entertaining and fan-loved albums of 2010, simply Body Talk.  All three installments have 5 tracks on the album, although Pt. 3 is only 5 tracks so it gets the highest percentage of involvement.  The best way to explain the Body Talk album is to break it down into contributions from each installment.

Part 1

First and foremost, the beginning track from Body Talk the album is perhaps Robyn's most successful song from the project, "Dancing On My Own."  This track is played in malls, on the radio, and in clubs. It's been one of her most successful singles since her initial breakthrough in the 90s, and completely deserved.  It is a sad, emo electropop track that resonates so well with listeners because... who hasn't been there?  And my favorite track from Pt 1, "Fembot," dogs the heels of "Dancing On My Own."  "Fembot" is the incredibly quirky and well-written Robyn-rap track that needs to be heard to believed. Compelling and "oh so Robyn," "Fembot" is everything I've come to love about this talented artist. Thankfully, she also included the opening track of Pt. 1, "Don't F*cking Tell Me What To Do," as it was the crux of her touring merchandise and one of the most interesting live performances I've seen.  The minimal and robotic depiction of the beginning of the track, where Robyn complains about the various things that are "killing" her, drops into the title of the song that Robyn growls with conviction.  And believe me, the crowd went wild for it. "None of Dem," featuring Royksopp, and "Dancehall Queen" were also included, allowing Robyn's shift of musical direction to be showcased.  The former is a dark and deep pop track with elements of dubstep and hints of grime that drop into a seductive dance beat, while the latter is a pure dancehall track produced by Diplo.  Both made Pt. 1 an interesting listen, and it was by far the most varied of all of the installments.

Part 2

The first track that gets to represent Pt. 2 is "Love Kills," a throbbing and pulsing dance track.  Robyn's lyrics here are the most captivating part of the song though, as it is very easy to sing along with and move with at the same time.  Following that is the single release from Pt. 2, "Hang With Me" in its electronic form.  Those who may not be aware, "Hang With Me" was originally introduced on Pt. 1 as an acoustic track that later became the flagship of Pt. 2 in a completely different and driving electronic version.  "Hang With Me" is very close to "With Every Heartbeat" in feel and production.  "We Dance To The Beat" is the next inclusion, another oddball track that, lyrically, is perhaps the strangest thing Robyn has done.  She describes a variety of occurrences that may or may not actually have beats, and tells us that "We dance to the beat" of it.  It is simplistic, musically speaking, and for some reason the production just gets your foot tapping.  It is a tough track to pull off but I think Robyn does an excellent job.  "U Should Know Better" and "In My Eyes" are the last two tracks included, and they couldn't be more dissimilar.  "U Should Know Better" features Snoop Dogg, and boy does Robyn get her brag on in this track.  It's vulgar and laughable but still a fun listen, while "In My Eyes" is almost anthemic in it's production and execution.  "In My Eyes" is a pure Robyn track with her voice at top gear and the arrangement straight into your head.
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