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Robyn - 'Body Talk'

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Robyn - Body Talk

Robyn - Body Talk


Part 3

Having the smallest amount of songs, Pt. 3 really had no room to disappoint.  And as a result, I think it is the strongest installment.  There are no odd tracks like the Swedish folk track on Pt. 1 or the aforementioned Snoop Dogg track on Pt. 2.  Pt. 3 is pure, unadulterated pop music and the world is better for it.  The first track included is "Indestructible," which, like "Hang With Me," was included on the previous installment as an acoustic track.  Unlike "Hang With Me," "Indestructible" was very orchestral and sweeping, an effect that lasted into the final electronic version.  It also has the strongest lyrics of the three Body Talk singles (soon to be four), with Robyn's proclamation of her own indestructibility being the emotional crux of the song.  Following that up is the first time Robyn and Max Martin have worked together since her US debut days, "Time Machine."  The track ended up undeniably Robyn due to her distinctive vocals and content ("All I want is a DeLorean!"), and it is nice to hear Max Martin involved in something that isn't quite as commercial pop as Ke$ha, Katy Perry, or the other big time pop singers he works with.  "Time Machine" is pure fun pop.
The next Pt. 3 track is scheduled to be the next Body Talk album single, "Call Your Girlfriend." This track demands you sing along from the very beginning. It is pensive pop, more focused on the little bit of bad one must do to embrace the good. Robyn begs her man to break up with his woman for her, and gives him tips on how to do it nicely. "Get Myself Together" is probably the weakest of the Pt. 3 tracks and it is pretty fun. It doesn't stick out as much as the others, however, and the lyrics, while engaging, aren't as strong as some of the other tracks, like "Stars 4-Ever," the album's closer. This track is just beautiful. It opens with a dizzying combination of sounds that soon dance across a simple 4/4 beat. Bass strums along the spacey production before the real groove stars, and all the while Robyn is singing straight into your heart. The track tells the story of two lovers who, as long as they are looking at the same stars in the sky, are never far. The track is beautiful and brilliant and completely unlike the majority of the Body Talk series. It is also one of the best tracks on the album.


Body Talk has received a lot of accolades and has been near the top of everyone's favorite albums of 2010.  I would say it is THE best album of 2010.  I do have ONE criticism though, and that's the irony of not including "Include Me Out." Not just that, but the track was my favorite of Pt. 2 and Robyn did a great job of including my other favorites.  However, the rest of the Body Talk album does an excellent job of showing the world at large what this tiny singer is capable of.  It almost plays like a resume, showing Robyn's versatility and range.  Let's just hope we don't need to wait another 5 years for more Robyn music.
Released November 2010 on Konichiwa/Cherrytree/Interscope.
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