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Rupaul - Red Hot

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Rupaul - Red Hot

Rupaul - Red Hot

My mother directs beauty pageants throughout the USA, so during the mid-90s at everyone of her pageants, RuPaul's smash "SUPERMODEL" was blasted through the sound system. Now, after that number one single, a Christmas album, and a VH1 talk show, she's back again to let you have it.

"LOOKING GOOD, FEELING GORGEOUS," the first single, is almost the sequel to "SUPERMODEL" in a sense. Bouncing basslines with a 70's flair create a smoking backing track to Ru's diva voice. This is one sequel that works better than the original. "COMING OUT OF HIDING" has a definite club feel to it along with "LOVE IS LOVE" and the stellar "WORKOUT." Many of the tracks though give off a much more mainlined Pop/Hip-Hop vibe. "KINKY/FREAKY" sounds like something you'd hear on your local radio station. If anything, this CD proves that Miss RuPaul Charles isn't just a hot pair of legs!

The standout of the album though doesn't come from Ru herself, but another drag persona, Shirley Q. Liquor, who takes center stage during the interludes. Always controversial, always HILARIOUS, Shirley Q. Liquor almost steals the spotlight from her counterpart during the bits she provides. These must be heard!

She's come a long way from her mantra, "you betta work!" Even getting a little political, RuPaul always manages to make you feel good and see the bright side of things. Bravo for that!

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