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Samantha Cole - Obsession

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By Jerome M. Zilincik

"Obsession" was a massive hit for the group Animotion back in 1985. Fast forward twenty-one years and the song, composed by Michael Des Barres and Holly Knight, has been covered by the talented and provocative Samantha Cole. What makes the song appealing is the fact that at one time or another, most of us have probably been obsessed with someone or something. Therefore, it is easy to relate to the lyrics.

New York native Samantha's first taste of success came when she was featured on MTV's dance show "The Grind" which opened the door for her to become a regular performer at Tatou in New York City. She developed friendships with some executives from EMI and then signed a record deal with Universal. Samantha released her self-titled debut album nine years ago. On that album she co-wrote eight of the songs which featured help from an all-star team which included: Nile Rogers, Dianne Warren, Richard Marx, David Foster, and Rhett Lawrence. Fans of the reality show "American Idol" may have recognized "Without You," which was recently covered by Kimberley Locke.

The combination of Samantha's underlying sexual energy when singing "Obsession" reminds me of Samantha Fox and Kim Wilde. My favorite mix is the "Armel MF Extended Mix" which is the quintessential club mix and the panting in the song really makes the update irresistible. "The Alumni Remix" is more seductive and lower tempo with a laid-back groove which is perfect for more intimate dancing with a partner. The "Original Mix" provides tight beats accompanied by Samantha's gorgeous vocals.

Samantha is currently working on her new album and was recently featured in the November 2005 issue of Playboy as babe of the month. "Obsession" has already been getting club and radio play in Europe. Look for her to be performing in the US in the next few months.

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