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Seal - Killer 2005/Crazy 2005

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Seal - Killer/Crazy 2005

Seal - Killer/Crazy 2005

Reprise/Warner Brothers
This is one of the first anthems of 2005 and it is quite a monster. Those of you who are big Seal fans are in for a real treat with plenty of tricks as well. If you thought he was on fire last year with his trio of hit singles "Get It Together," "Waiting For You," and "Love's Divine" then you ain't seen nothing yet. "Killer" was one of his first singles he did which was recently covered by ATB back in 2001, so many of the dance music community should already be familiar with it. The Remix line-up is the same as the title song, a absolute Killer. The best part is how every one of the remixers kept much of the original in there and worked around it. The best set of mixes was turned in by Peter Rauhofer with Parts 1 & 2. Part 1 looks to be the mix of choice while the Part 2 takes it a bit on darker journey. Morel's Pink Noise Vocal Mix is a more of a mellow house track that makes Seal's voice that much more breathtaking. The DJ Monk Remix goes a bit more on the break tip, making it more aggressive, but holding back a little bit to let Seals voice carry it.
Jim Albert's Loneliness That's a Killer Mix takes his mix a little more into left field with a underground laid back tribal flavor to it, making all the mixes more versatile and very well-rounded. For an added bonus we get two remixes of "Crazy," another smash hit going back a decade and change. The Ananda Project Vocal Mix goes very very mellow to keep the same feel of the Original, but to really get the best remix of this song you have to play the amazing Orange Factory Mix. This mix can't be much more perfect then it already is. It is simply the best mix that Orange Factory ever did. Every single element of the original is in there. The only down side is that it was so good it cut short coming in just under six minutes. So everyone enjoy this late Christmas present from Seal and Warner Brothers have we have our first true club anthem of the new year.

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