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St. John - Blast The Speakers 2: The Best Energy Dance

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating

By Wes May

St John - Blast the Speakers Volume 2

St John - Blast the Speakers Volume 2

UBL Recordings
Never has a cd subtitle so completely conveyed the essence of its contents.

This CD was a whim for me; one I had long ignored, never quite willing, or ready, to let myself listen to fully. What a surprise when I did. It hit me right between the eyes with the force of a 10 ton bomb. One of the more interesting "fringe" series discs I've listened to (meaning it's not a giant established name like Ultra), Blast the Speakers is everything it claims; A barrage of fierce dance energy. This is the audio equivalent of 3 Red Bulls before the club.

With standout tracks from established artists Benny Benassi (club smash Satisfaction), Paul Van Dyk (Nothing But You) and roaring new (at least to me) releases from Darude, Ampire and Atlantic Ocean (another standout track mixed by my fave ATB), Blast the Speakers delivers a gut punch of high energy dance. No serious dance fan would pass up this for their collection.

Seriously, why are you still reading this? Go buy it.

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