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Barbra Streisand – Night of My Life (Dance Mixes)

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Barbra Streisand – Night of My Life (Dance Mixes)

Barbra Streisand - Guilty Pleasures

Columbia Records
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This unexpected promo proves two things: 1) a Barbra Streisand song is going to sound like a Barbra Streisand song no matter who remixes it, and 2) you can make a pretty good dance mix out of anything if you approach the assignment with creativity.

This unique offering comes in three distinct flavors: for old-school NRG fans and dance-pop enthusiasts, classic mixer John Luongo delivers a radio edit and extended mix. It's got a classic morning music/sleaze feel and is as deliriously gay as a boat ride from Fire Island to Provincetown. The beat is insistent but subdued, and it's hard to imagine beatmixing with this particular version. Traditional househeads get L.E.X.'s Mix, which is a very straightforward 90s-a la Love to Infinity house track. It's fairly undistinguished, but a good DJ friend says it's the one that works best for him. Go figure.

Then there's the Roxy Anthem, which is pretty exceptional. As with all three approaches, Streisand's voice is way too high in the mix (which may have been a contractual thing- it wouldn't surprise me), but this is a monstrous big room house track that makes great use of complex and aggressive synth lines at the end of the intro and during the bridge, approaching a hypnotic trance-y vibe. During the choruses, the production gets a little more pedestrian, but this is still the best of the mixes. Whichever of Junior Vasquez's people who worked on this did an interesting and creative job with a vocally difficult set-up, and I'd love to hear a full dub that uses the synth programming and Streisand's vocals from the "Calling love" part of the bridge.

L.E.X. Mix - **
John Luongo Mix - **1/2
Roxy Anthem - ****

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