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Superchumbo - Let's Go Chumbo

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Superchumbo - Let's Go Chumbo

Superchumbo - Let's Go Chumbo

Star 69 Records

Tom Stephan has really carved out a niche for himself in the past five or six years. Under the moniker Superchumbo, he's done remixes for the best of the best including Madonna, Missy Elliot, and Kylie Minogue. His sound is sugar to your ears with its deep, penetrating basslines and intricately-arranged percussion patterns. It's no wonder that Star 69 Records picked him up. Their underground aesthetics are synonomous with one another. This compilation has Stephan, again under the Superchumbo name, unleashing a 2-disc mixed set sure to whip any listener into a frenzy.

The first track that stands out on "Lets Go Chumbo" is DJ Linus - "Who Stole the Soul" and for good reason. The bassline is unbeliveably huge with an infectious melody to accompany it. Other than the bassline, the track is quite minimal, yet works effortlessly to get you moving. That's how many of the selections are: minimal with a tech-edge, along with hints of tribal and electro. "My Club" and the amazing "Frenzy" by J5 Eaters are the perfect fit for this style that Stephan has made his own. Both with just enough vocal to pick you up but not enough to tip you over and equally impressive, infectious rhythms.

I continue to be amazed at how producers and DJs keep pushing the boundaries of their craft and how much things have changed since the early days of dance culture. If Tom Stephan's new compilation is a sign of what's to come, we have nothing to worry about. He continues to think outside the box and dodge the ever changing fads in dance music. You are a wonderful addition to the Star 69 family!

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