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Suzanne Palmer - Home (CD)

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Suzanne Palmer - Home (CD)

Suzanne Palmer


After being pushed back and forth more than a dozen times in the last two years, it's finally here - Suzanne Palmer's long awaited debut album. Since nearly half of the tracks have already been fully released with remixes to boot, something leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Going back a few years to the red-hot remake of Show Me, all the way up to the latest mediocre attempt in the form of Sound of the Drum, I gotta say that I was hoping this album would include more bang for my buck. Was it worth the wait?

Now, more than enough has been written about the previously released material, mostly good, and the new stuff ain't half bad either. Fascinated seems to be hogging most of the attention right now, as it's set to be the next single. Produced by Eric Kupper, it's a great track, but I personally don't think it's the strongest one. Perhaps the remixes will do it justice.

Keep the Faith and Free My Love stand out for me; one upbeat and the other quite dark, very ying-yang. Keep the Faith opens totally acapella but quickly moves into pure piano-ladden, gospel house! You've got to be asleep not to have this one move you! Alternatively, Free My Love is much, much more melodic in tone yet just as danceable.

While we may have had to wait a little (okay, a LOT), this album is chock full of great material – even the stuff that's already been released. There is no filler here, only pure dance from a very, very talented set of lungs courtesy of Miss Palmer.

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