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TBM ft. Cheryl Lynne – Blue Skies

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*SIGH* Do we really need another vocal like this one? These kind of trancy-female vocals always remind me of sixteen year old glowstick carrying candy kids at their first rave – God help them. Maybe it’s simply my educated cynicism or my distaste for all things trance but it’s these kind of thoughtless vocal pieces that really clog up most clubs in America and abroad.

The production on them though, isn’t all that bad. While still trance, DJ MacGuyver’s Euro Mix did catch my ear with some nice, metallic snare drums, but it was the overtly cliché piano breakdown we’ve all heard a million times that did it in for me. Originality would have helped.

Kling & Charles Reworked Club Mix is much more in the vein of a Star 69 release and in total contrast to the aforementioned trancy trainwreck of a mix. The vocal on the other hand sounds quite out of place on top of the deep, underground beats. It almost sounds live in a way – as if some novice DJ made a mistake trying to be creative on the turntables.

DJ Manolo does the best job of using the vocal. Never relying on tired clichéd production techniques, he manages to pound out one of the best mixes on the single. Unfortunately, even the great production couldn’t save this one.

There are about four other mixes on the single, including the original mix, most though, are 140+ bpm and would be very hard to find a groove to without …(ahem) chemical assistance. If you’re looking for predicable, thoughtless trance – you found it. Run out and pick this one up along with your Vicks.

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