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Tiesto - Elements of Life CD Review

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Tiesto - Elements of Life CD Review

Tiesto - Elements of Life


Surprisingly, king of dance Tiesto's newest release starts off fairly limp and uninspired, with the exception of the female-fronted "Everything"-- a laid-back, upbeat number. "Sweet Things" finally assuaged my fears and ushers in the redeeming latter half of the CD. Another female vocal dance cut, this one steps up the energy a bit more.

The instrumental "Bright Morningstar" keeps the tempo moving with a dark dancefloor feel leading into the most impressive track on the project, "Break My Fall," featuring none other than BT on lead vocals! It really kicks in around the 1 minute mark with vocals beginning around 2:00. Its trancier feel and catchy chorus & programming make for a memorable tune regardless of the big-name association.

Dance track "In the Dark" features a male vocalist and some solid programming. Though not quite as compelling of a song, "Dance4Life" (written as the anthem for the CD release of the same name supporting HIV/AIDS research) features Maxi Jazz of Faithless on lead spoken vocals. Musically, it is serious with a club feel.

Instrumental title cut "Elements of Life" is a trance experience and a good way to round out the project. Tiesto's remix of "He's a Pirate" is thrown in as a final Bonus Track for those of you who do not already have it from the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest soundtrack or the remixes single.

Expect most of the songs to be long, clocking in over 6 minutes. It is not a "mega-mixed" project, and should make Tiesto fans happy; probably not a must-have for the casual dance listener.

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