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Various Artists - Tunnel Trance Force America Volume 1

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Various Artists - Tunnel Trance Force America Volume 1

Tunnel Trance Force America - Volume 1

Water Music Dance

When it comes to continuous in-the-mix CDs, I typically tend to avoid them at all cost. Most of them are fairly average at best, taking a couple of clubs hits and spacing them out along the disc while filling the void with other forgettable tracks and really having no continuity to them. I will have to admit that I have been proven wrong when assuming all in-the-mix CDs are created in the same lackluster way. Water Music has released a couple of CDs from a series of trance-oriented DJ mixes called Tunnel Trance Force that have appeared overseas. Water Music decided to release Tunnel Trance Force America to an undernourished American crowd, and I am definitely glad that they did.

Tunnel Trance Force America packs a whopping 20 tracks of hardcore trance that is mixed by Hamburg-based DJ Dean who is an accomplished German trance producer and DJ in his own right and even includes one of his own personal tracks in the mix. The CD contains a lot of great club hits, such as Paul Van Dyk's "Crush," Tiesto's "Love Comes Again," and Vincent Vega's "Trancemission." The disc starts off with the amazing Marc Norman remix of Blank and Jones' "Mind of the Wonderful" and from there never disappoints. Some of the other bright spots of the disc are the Talla 2XLC remix of "Kalt" by DuMonde and "Tracid vs Kan Cole" from the Tracid Traxxx EP Vol. 1. To be honest, there really wasn't a track on this disc that was lacking in any way and I was continuously feeling the great vibe of the CD. DJ Dean did an amazing job with such smooth transitions between songs and the actual song selections. I mean, if you had some great speakers and a powerful subwoofer, you would swear that you were actually in a great club listening to this music in person. I could only wish most clubs where I lived played sets this good.

Overall, this CD is an amazing trance-mix that has some older tracks mixed in with some recent club-burners. It's almost too good to be marketed to the American crowd, which tends to swarm to mainstream and average commercial fare. If there is any individual that has a hunger for trance and for trance that gets your ass to dance floor, then definitely start with Tunnel Trance Force America CD and you will definitely be hooked.

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