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Techno 12” Reviews –01/30/06


TitleArtist – Label (Country)
Work ItChris Liebing + Ben Sims – CLR (DE)
Undeniable EP from two of my favorites, Chris Liebing and Ben Sims. "Work It" is a gritty, rocking, DJ Rush-styled drum track with simple, repetitive vocals and a ton of ass-shaking flavor. The flip, "Sambal Olek," is a straightforward hard drum track with driving, tribal-flavored beats and fierce grinding stabs. From the mailman's hand to the top of my chart all in one swoop. ***** (5 of 5)

Hits from the LabDJ Emerson – Freak (US)
Outstanding release from the manic mind of one of the most versatile producers on the techno scene, DJ Emerson. While all four tracks have their high points, it is the slow-building, tripped-out flavor of "Rubber Band Man" that really does it for me. Glitchy beats, rolling bass and gripping synths stabs that rise and rise, as they hypnotize your dancefloor. Rocking EP. ***** (5 of 5)

DunvaloEidolon – Modern Recording Company (US)
Three tracks of thick, chunky tech-house from new imprint, Modern Recording Company. The title cut is up first, with simple, slow-building beats, rolling bass and a ton of head-bobbling flavor that has set my dancefloor off each and every time I have dropped it. The B-side brings two more gems; "Measuring Time with an Ocean" is a deep, subtle mover with eerie keys and spoken word samples, and "Sauvignon," a gritty, clicky destroyer. Immense debut release. ***** (5 of 5)

Brommage DubJesper Dahlbach + Jean-Louis Huhta – AD Ltd (US)
Jesper Dahlbach and Jean-Louis Huhta team up on this retro-flavored two-tracker from Alexi Delano's LTD imprint. "Brommage Dub" is a slow-building, thick acid house rocker, complete with an intense 303 bassline and a ton of flavor. The flip brings us more of the same chunky, funky, and oh-so-satisfying retro beats and rhythms. The acid revival continues. **** (4 of 5)

CRT (Remixes)Matt French – Surveillance Records (US)
Stepping out of the scene to clear his head for a while, Montreal-based Mateo Murphy is back with a vengeance on this absolute monster remix. Taking the structure of the Matt French original and twisting it inside out, Murphy delivers a deliciously hypnotic, trippy mover that simply destroys. **** (4 of 5)

The Second DiversionScrape One presents Tone Cluster – Affected (UK)
Four tracks of forward-thinking EDM from one of the finest labels in the UK, Affected Music. The two standout cuts here are vastly different and succeed for completely dissimilar reasons. "Moody Diversion" is a slow-building tech-house mover with chunky beats, subtle rock-tinged guitar riffs and a simple, undeniable feel. "The Penultimate Truth" is the final cut and is a compelling cross between Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaataa and old school electro/nu wave. Quality release, as usual. **** (4 of 5)

Synth Ethics EPPhonogenics – Phonogenic Audio (FN)
Release number two from Finnish mastermind Phonogenics on his own Phonogenic Audio, one of my favorite new labels. "Syntine" is so good that it is hard to find the words to describe it. Compelling beats, bass thick enough to cut with a knife, and a simple, fierce synth line that will destroy any dance floor. Flip it over if you must, but just listening to Side A should be enough to ensure your purchase. **** (4 of 5)

Beautiful/ No ProblemoDJ FEX – Systematic (DE)
Systematic has been my favorite label in 2005, by a long shot. And they start 2006 on the right foot with another gem from Marc Romboy and the crew. This time they have tapped the immensely talented DJ F.E.X. (aka Farid Boudinar) of Robotronic fame. "Beautiful" is a smooth, slow-rising, tech-house mover with compelling beats, rolling bass and gorgeous, sexy undertones. "No Problemo" takes up the flip and delivers a stripped-down, minimal rocker. Don't know which cut is better, but having two hot tracks on one EP isn't a bad problem to have, now is it. **** (4 of 5)

Chemistry of AttractionJoris Voorn – Wolfskuil Records (DE)
One of the best young producers on the techno scene, Joris Voorn drops his second release for Dutch imprint Wolfskuil Records. His original version forward moving beats, warm pads and his signature musically-pleasing synth and bass stabs. The flip features the stripped down "Dark Science Dub," which really does the business. Smooth dance floor destroyers of the first degree. ***** (5 of 5)

Dipole EPInvexis – Flux Recordings (UK)
UK techno label extraordinaire Flux Recordings is back with six tracks of body-rocking goodness from Germany's studio wiz Invexis (aka George Kohler). Simple, percussive and compelling in all the right ways, "Myra" kicks things off in head bobbing fashion and "Silhouette" bangs, but "Connexion" is the real stand out here, with lovely keys and a blazing drum track that work together to trip you and your crowd out. Hot release. **** (4 of 5)

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