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Techno 12” Reviews – 3/23/05


TitleArtist - Label

DriftingJel Ford & Oscar Charlie - ELP (DE)
Continuing their streak of solid work for some of the best labels in the business, Jel Ford and Oscar Charlie are back with this two-track smoker on ELP Germany. “Back To My Roots” kicks things off with driving percussion, dark bass and a ton of trippy, musically pleasing keys. A smooth breakdown brings it all into focus and the second half of the track simply rips. The flip, “Remaining Calm” starts off with moody, flourishing keys and a ton of ambiance and progresses into an amazing dancefloor rocker. Lush undertones and a funky sub bassline combine with amazing effect. A hot release that will surely go straight to the head of the class. ****(4 of 5)

Disco Sampler Volume OneVarious Artists – Casa Del Puente (AR)
Upstart label from Argentina, Casa Del Puente is making quite a splash on the tech house/ minimal house scene. Featuring 4 up and coming producers, this is a fantastic collection of the sound of South American house at the moment. Side A begins with “Condor Pura” by Pura is a slow growing, tech house mover with grinding beats and a repetitive synth line that takes this track from a smooth mover to a dancefloor destroyer in the space of 3 minutes. Next is “Me Interna” by Emisor, a silky, down tempo romp perfect for a mellow jaunt. The flip brings us “Horen” by Audioperu, a gorgeous, chilled out, excursion and "Topless”, a hot-to-death, minimal rocker would be at home in a sunrise, lounge set. Four outstanding tracks that will appeal to a variety of DJs and work in a number of diverse settings. Lovely stuff. ****(4 of 5)

Heavy RescueIan Lahman – Abiotic Recordings (US)
Minneapolis based Abiotc Recordings is owned by two of the hottest young talents on the US techno scene, Dustin Zahn and Ian Lehman. Here, Ian is at the controls, dropping more of his signature techno madness. Side A features the original version of “Heavy Rescue”, a hard nosed, dancefloor rocker with relentless rhythms, rocking bassline and a ton of evil undertones. Sweden’s even consistent Patrik Skoog takes on the remixing duties on Side B. Forward moving rhythms and a more stripped down take on the percussion, take this version through the roof. The EP wraps up with another Lehman original, with more of his signature atmospheric keys and straight, bangin’ percussion. Excellent record from top to bottom. ***(3 of 5)

SoupcanJay Tripwire – Amfibius Recordings (US)
Two track chugger from one of house’s most consistent producers, Jay Tripwire and Amfibius Recordings. The original is a smooth, groovy tech house romp with hot tribal undertones, vocal stabs and a booty rocking bassline. The flip features a San Francisco influenced remix from Carlos Da Silva, with deep, lush keys and the sexiest bassline I have heard in a while. Lovely late night material that you should seek out and add to your collection at once. *****(5 of 5)

Estrella de la Plata EPKage – Azure (US)
Detroit based techno producer Brian Kage drops science on this latest release for Indianapolis based, Azure Records. With 3 funky original tech house masterpieces and a remix from label boss Adam Jay, this is an EP worthy of your attention. The original version of “Estrella de la Plata” kicks things off, with smooth, rising beats and big room, old school flavored synth stabs. The track bounds forward as it slowly, but surely engulfs everything in its path. The “Adam Jay Remix” of the same track follows, with pumped up percussion, dark bassline and lush, sweeping, keys that Adam has become known for. The flip brings us “Upstream”, a deep, soulful tech house mover and “Downstream”, compelling, body rocking tech house mover. Complete with trippy keys, vocal stabs and a ton of funky flavor, this track rounds out the EP and makes it an essential purchase. Already high on my chart, do yourself a favor and find this record. ****(4 of 5)

On Now EPSean Byrd – Intrinsic Design (US)
Exceptional release from New York based, Intrinsic Design and newcomer Sean Byrd. This 3 track EP is difficult to pigeonhole, as it gracefully walks the line between minimal house, tech house and even dub. But the effect it will have on your body (and the bodies on your dancefloor) is undeniable. The stand out cut here, “Silk Shakes” is a lush, deep, sexy tech house mover with groovy keys, quirky percussion and a sub bassline that slowly rocks your body. Reminiscent of Morgan Page or the deeper side of Noah Pred, this is a total jam and one that has already found a regular place in my sets. Outstanding.*****(5 of 5)

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